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Three custom kitchens.

Cape Cod Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Watch the process of refacing a kitchen.

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Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Right For Me?

Kitchen cabinet refacing can give your kitchen a new face-lift. This is the process of renewing your kitchen without tearing out cabinets and countertops. Not all cabinets can be refaced, but many can. Not everyone will be happy with refacing their cabinets. Some homeowners want to change the layout or design of their kitchen. Some homeowners may want a finer finish than just a face lift. What are the qualifications for refacing?

  1. The cabinet boxes must be stable and held together well.
  2. The surface of the cabinet boxes must be of sound material.
  3. You should be happy with the layout of the cabinets.
  4. You are willing to accept some details that may not be as perfect as they would be if you bought new cabinets.
  5. You want to save money.

How Long Does It Take?

The actual work inside your home often takes only a few days to complete. However, it does take some time to build the custom sized materials. From the date of measuring to the completed refacing may take 3-6 weeks depending upon what items you order.

What Cabinet Choices Do I Have?

There are hundreds of door styles and lots of finishes to choose from. Please watch the videos, on this page, to see some of the possibilities. You can see real samples in out Hyannis showroom. Please call 508-957-2281 to make your appointment for a free refacing consultation.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Showplace Wood Products (an employee owned company) offers a cabinet refacing system. We measure your existing cabinets and order refacing products from Showplace Wood Products. When your new prefinished materials arrive, we remove the existing cabinets doors and drawer heads, sand, and apply a prefinished veneer over any exposed cabinet surfaces. We apply prefinished doors, new drawer heads, and possibly new molding trim. We often replace hinges, drawer slides, and/or anything else you request.

How Much Does It Cost To Reface A Kitchen?

The cost to reface a kitchen will vary depending upon the size of your cabinets, door style, wood species, and finish. Refinishing your kitchen is the most economical way to renew your space. Refacing is usually 12-20% less than buying new cabinets, but since the room doesn't have to be disturbed you can save money on the construction costs. Many refacing projects are completed between $8,000 and $13,000.

How Can I Get Started?

For estimating purposes only, you can measure your cabinet doors and drawers and bring that information to us. We can then give you a free approximate price. This price will have to be verified by us when we visit your home (see Site Visit below) prior to ordering. Please call 508-957-2281 to make your appointment for a free refacing consultation.

Site Visit

If you want to achieve accurate pricing and/or place an order, we must visit your home and measure all the existing cabinet faces. We charge a small site visit fee that will be deducted from your project price if you buy from us, but is non-refundable if you decide not to purchase from us. For the Cape Cod area, we charge $150 for the site visit.

After the site visit, we will need a few days to create a final detailed proposal. We will then meet to go over your space. When you approve the work, we will take a deposit toward your order and deduct the site visit fee from your final costs.

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