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Three custom kitchens built on Cape Cod by Toby Leary.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Manufactured On Cape Cod

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Toby Leary Brand Cabinet logo.

Toby Leary Custom Cabinets

Located in Hyannis, the heart of Cape Cod, Toby Leary brand is finely crafted local custom cabinetry. If you are building or remodeling on Cape Cod, you will be extremely proud to own the refined Toby Leary cabinet brand. We build heirloom quality pieces that will add value to your home and endure for generations to come. The construction of our cabinets are completely custom so that you can own what ever your heart desires. Imagine owning Cape Cod manufactured cabinets.

From custom paints to exotic woods, we will provide the best materials and workmanship in the industry. Let our Designer help you develop the right design and specify the perfect package for your new kitchen, built-in furniture, office, or bath.

Why Toby Leary Cabinets?

Buying locally manufactured cabinets helps your community and Cape Cod is a marvelous place to live. You will find that Toby Leary custom cabinets will meet or exceed any other cabinet quality you can find elsewhere. Toby Leary will be able to handle your whole project from start to finish and service you well with experienced local tradesmen. When you purchase Toby Leary brand cabinets direct, you can save money by avoiding dealer overhead.

What Cabinet Choices Do I Have With Toby Leary?

We can reproduce or manufacture items from photos or copy existing furniture. If a style is patent protected, we may buy parts from the patent holder. From exotic woods to heirloom styles and antique finishes, the choices are virtually endless. You can see real samples in our Hyannis showroom. Please call 508-957-2281 to make your appointment for a free design consultation.

Cabinet Design Styles

Inset Style cabinet doors and drawers.

Traditional Inset Style Cabinets: Inset style cabinets (as seen above) have a face frame and the door and/or drawer head sits inside the cabinet frame opening exposing the cabinet face. This is the number one cabinet design style used across Cape Cod.

Full overlay style cabinets

Full Overlay Style Cabinets: Full overlay style cabinets (as seen above) have doors and drawer heads that are mounted on top and cover the cabinet face. This is the second most popular cabinet style used on Cape Cod. This type of design may be applied to a framed cabinet or a full access cabinet. We offer both types of full overlay cabinets.

What Styles Do You Offer?

We are a full custom shop and can handcraft virtually endless cabinet styles. We have the ability to buy patented door styles or make our own door cutters, if need be. You can choose from the doors shown on our website, bring in a photo, or stop by the showroom to explore your options.

Unique Door Styles

Bowtie in flat center panel

Bowtie Center Panel: The recessed center panel (like a shaker door) has bowties. The drawer head matching five piece (panel and frame).

Unique horizontal beveled door and drawer Unique verticle beveled door and drawer

Beveled Frame: The above doors show a beveled frame. The first door is beveled horizontally and the next door is beveled vertically.

How Are The Cabinets Finished?

The cabinets can be finished in a number of ways. We offer stains, paints, glazes, distressing, primed for paint, brush stroke finishes, and too many other types to list. Our most common finishing process is an extremely durable post catalyzed finish (popular in high-end custom cabinets). We can custom match finishes or you can pick from our many showroom selections. If you have any special finish request, please let us know.

What Kind Of Construction Do You Use?

Since we build the cabinets from scratch, we can design the build to fit your requirements. Most of our cabinets are built with 1" thick frames and 1" thick doors (instead of 3/4"), but we can alter almost anything. We often produce inset style cabinets with a white painted finish because that style has always been popular on Cape Cod. Yet, we have been known to build Euro-style full access cabinets with a modern sleek look, or rustic woods for a casual atmosphere. The cabinet box will normally be 3/4" plywood or solid wood. The drawers are normally dovetailed hardwood or a modern metal drawer system. The hardware can be what ever you want, but our standard is the heavy duty, under-mount, soft-close Blum glide. We offer the industry's best cabinet solutions, and are willing to listen to your specific requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Build?

We strive to keep a reasonable time frame to build your custom cabinets. Times will vary depending upon the scope of your project. Rest assured that when you order cabinets from us we will discuss our current lead time and deliver on time. If you have special time constraints, please let us know before you order, so that we can better serve you.

Popular Cabinet Door Styles

Shaker white cabinet door style with five piece drawer head.

Shaker: Shaker door style in white paint is the number one cabinet door style for Cape Cod homes. This traditional style can be made as inset or full overlay.

Beaded center panel cabinet door with matching drawer head.

Beaded Center Panel: Beaded center panel cabinet door with matching drawer head. This is a very popular door often painted or finished in a light stained cherry or maple. This style is also popular in teak or mahogany.

Long slanted raised panel cabinet door with raised drawer head.

Long Slanted Raised Panel: Long slanted raised panel cabinet door with raised drawer head is often used in farm style homes. These cabinets are often made for paint or in rustic woods showing off the natural knots and imperfections.

Mullion Doors

Arched four lite mullion door. Circle mullion door. Mullion door arched. Mullion door with unique bars Standard mullion door.

Mullion Doors: Mullion doors often hold a flat wooden panel, glass, or metal in place behind the bars.

Toby Leary Fine Woodworking logo in drawer box side.

Toby Leary Fine Woodworking logo
is the sign of quality.

Bleached oak cabinets.

Bleached oak cabinets.

White painted kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

White painted kitchen cabinets with glass doors.

Transitional white painted cabinets.

Transitional white painted cabinets.

Kitchen with white cabinets and gray island.

Kitchen with white cabinets and gray island.

Cherry cabinets - office space.

Cherry cabinets - office space.

Walnut custom entertainment center.

Walnut custom entertainment center.

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