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Three custom kitchens.

Kitchen Design

Watch the short movie above for a quick example of our 3-D rendering service.

Call 508-957-2281 to make your appointment for a free design consultation.

Kitchen Design

If you are shopping for a new kitchen on Cape Cod (or beyond), you will find our design service outstanding. Let us guide you through to a fabulous finish. We start by interviewing you, discovering your wants, needs, and budget. We will examine you home plans or, if you do not have plans, we may visit your location for a site review. After we have a good understanding of your goals and space, we will discuss sound recommendations. Before we proceed to the planning stages, we want to have a thorough understanding of you and your expectations.

Kitchen Planning Tips

Here are a few basic kitchen planning tips to help you on your way. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.

Do Your Homework: If you are contemplating a new kitchen, we recommend you spend some time researching design magazines or websites that specialize in home decor before you meet with us. If you find photos of ideas that you like, print or cut them out and place them in your new kitchen dream folder. The more ideas you can share with us, the easier it is for us to understand you and your future space.

Research Appliances: If you need new appliances, spend some time reviewing items you might want on-line or in an appliance showroom. When you find an item you want, add the specification sheet to your kitchen dream folder. When hire us to begin the kitchen planning process, we want to include all the proper appliance sizes in your space.

Plan Your Budget: A new kitchen is similar to buying an automobile, but will far outlast your vehicle. The amount that you will invest will depend upon the options you choose. Lucky for you, working with Toby Leary, you will have the widest selections available. From the finest custom cabinets to the modest cabinet refacing, we try to appeal to many needs.

We are often asked, "What do your kitchens cost?". That is nearly impossible to answer until we understand your needs, you approve a plan / project scope, and finalize your selections. With that said, we do offer competitively priced cabinets and we will strive to design within your goals. Part of our design service is to determine budgets for different aspects of your project and find solutions you will be happy with.

Plan & Select Products

We help guide you through the process of selecting items for your kitchen. Many cabinets may look alike, but there are huge differences in durability, fine details, and pricing. We offer different levels of cabinet construction so that we might hit your target budget. Many items can affect your costs, scheduling, longevity, and finished appearance. We will have a thorough discussion with you so that we can make sound recommendations that will meet your needs. We like to do this before we begin the kitchen design stage. We will discuss ideas, price ranges, and time frames for completion.

It may take 3-5 days to develop a room design plan. Multiple rooms may take longer. After the plan has been created, we will meet to review ideas, estimated pricing, and go over any fine details. Many clients love our first plan and move forward with an order. Some clients require modifications to a plan, which will take a few days to complete.

Cabinet Choices

We also design and hand craft built-in or freestanding furniture, closets, laundry rooms, offices, mudrooms, pantries, TV lifts, and any space involving custom woodwork. We often provide custom woodwork throughout the entire home. When you work with Toby Leary Fine Woodworking you have the best professional design/build craftsmen at your service. Please review our portfolio by clicking here.

Design Pricing

We do charge for our design services, but if you purchase the cabinets in your design from us we refund the design fees.

We offer one free consultation in our showroom, by appointment. At the end of your free consultation you have the option to retain us for your project. The kitchen design fee is $1200 including two minor revisions. Major revisions are charged at $75 per hour. Small projects, such as bathrooms or built-ins are charged by the hour and usually run from $250 - $400. Multiple room designs can be quoted. Call 508-957-2281 to make your appointment for a free design consultation.

Cabinet Buying Steps

  • Start a dream folder (photos of what you like)
  • List wants and dislikes
  • Collect appliance specifications
  • Arrange for a free design consultation
  • Hire us for design
  • Finalize your selections
  • Set completion date
  • Order materials (cabinets, counters, etc.)
  • Room is prepared
  • Products are installed
  • Begin enjoying your space

Project Timing

How Long Does It Take? The time it takes to complete a kitchen varies depending upon the scope of the project. If you are remodeling, we try to minimize the down-time of your working kitchen. We always discuss your plans to determine the best solution that meet your needs. We never want to rush your project, but if we agree on a schedule, we strive to complete your kitchen on time and at budget. If you have time constraints, we want you to mention those up front so that we can provide you with the best options.

Materials often take 2-9 weeks to have crafted and ready for installation.

The time to prepare the room will vary depending upon the work involved. After a room is prepared, it usually takes a few days to complete the cabinet installation. Appliances are installed with the cabinets, so they have to be available at that time. After the cabinets and appliances are installed the counter tops are templated, fabricated and installed. Completion time can vary, but it often takes 7-10 days to finish a kitchen installation. In some cases the process can be faster, or slower depending upon the materials and scope of work.

When you work with Toby Leary, you will have the best professionals available, we show up on time, and are proud to produce the finest work in the industry. Rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time and you will be exceedingly happy with our attention to detail.

3-D CAD image of white kitchen design.

Textured 3-D CAD Image

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